Tower Modification / Welding

We employ expert in-house welders to manage all aspects of your tower modification. If you need a physical cell tower update, emergency repairs, or other structural modification, our team will handle the project with professionalism and precision.

We Are certified and experienced in all types of tower modification, including the following:

  • Self-support welding
  • Major foundation augments
  • Anchor relocations
  • Bolt-on modifications
  • Extensions
  • Guy tower plumb
  • Monopole Welding
  • Port Cutting


Our turnkey tower solutions are designed to handle all aspects of the job, from project management to design, engineering, and even site restoration. Our experienced professionals handle all this with in-house services. Our rapidly growing business now covers the entire United States, with most projects taking place in the Midwest.

We can handle every aspect of the project, with extensive experience managing any type of tower.

JDR has been building and maintaining cellular site locations for two decades, utilizing industry-leading technology and planning to maintain reliable towers. JDR’s turnkey solutions and commitment to service make tower management easy.

JDR Technologies is headquartered in Minnesota, completing projects throughout the continental United States. We currently install thousands of job site every year, ranging from Fortune 100 companies down to smaller private entities. Our diverse array of services allows you to complete your entire project through one point of contact. 

Since 1998, Universal Services has steadily grown into a leader in fiber optics and directional drilling. Headquartered in Hastings, MN, we currently install over 3000 job sites per year consisting of partnerships with Fortune 100 companies down to small private entities.